dARTS Introduces Flyte™ System for Powerful Home Theater Audio

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dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System,), a sub-brand of MSE Audio, recognized for its all-digital home cinema system, announces the Flyte™ System, a complete 5.1 package, designed to bring a world-class theater experience to any room.

The dARTS mission is to create a flexible home theater solution, removing the need for a dedicated home theater  room with extensive acoustical treatment.

The Flyte System combines the high-quality and award winning  design that dARTS is recognized for, without compromising the aesthetics of any living space within the home.

Every dARTS system sounds virtually the same after calibration by digitally minimizing  the reflected energy in the room, and with minimal room reflections it is the most predictable, immersive system available.

The dARTS Flyte System, features one DP4000-IA Amplifier, five in-wall or on-wall Flyte Speakers, and one DCB 12″ Subwoofer. The dARTS DP4000-IA Amplifier manages an entire dARTS system with up to 16 channels of digital signal processing and amplification. Each DP4000-IA channel delivers custom DSP to control crossovers, phase correction time alignment and EQ, in addition to providing up to 250 watts of amplification for each individual driver in every speaker.

Contact Ken Hecht, President of Phase Technology and creator of dARTS to learn more: khecht@mseaudio.com

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