Some technologies are envisioned long before they can be realized.
Such was the case with dARTSTheater.

Phase Technology closely monitored the advancement of DSP (digital signal processing) technologies and envisioned their use in active, digitally amplified speakers, enabling complete control over their performance.

dARTS Theater engineers analyze and hand-select all components before final assembly.

Fifteen years of research and development followed this initial idea. Finalizing the concept for a digitally controlled and powered speaker, Phase Tech collaborated with Audyssey Laboratories® to create a home theater system that would provide optimal performance regardless of room conditions. The result was dARTS Theater – a “Digital Audio Reference Theater System”. The original dARTS™ Theater, unveiled in 2005, was met with amazement by reviewers – it was the first speaker system with predictable results in both the lab and the listening room.

dARTS Theater speaker cabinets are finished by hand in Jacksonville, FL.

Today, several versions of dARTS Theater are available to fit the aesthetics of the room with the output to meet our SPL specs. There are two different sizes of dARTS Theater speakers; a two-way 535 Series built around 5.25” woofers, and a larger, three-way 660 Series using 6.5” woofers. Within each family, Phase Technology offers: In-Wall (IW) for discreet flush-mounting, Custom Built-In (CB), suitable for placement inside cabinets or behind perforated theater screens, and Freestanding (FS) curved and angled piano gloss black cabinets to make a bold visual, as well as aural, statement.

All dARTS Theater speakers are built in the USA and can be customized to perfectly integrate into any room. The CB versions in both the 535 and 660 Series can even be altered in size and shape to fit within odd-shaped spaces. The newest addition to the dARTS Theater family, the 660T, is a powerful three-way tower speaker.