dARTS 535 Series In-Wall

Model DP1051IW

In-wall dARTS Theater speakers incorporate the same driver configuration as the CB models, but mount flush with the wall for a seamless look. The DP-4000 digital/programmable amplifier manages the entire system with 16 channels of DSP and amplification. Each channel controls the crossover, time alignment, equalization and amplification of each individual driver (woofer, midrange, tweeter). The Multi-EQ XT software measures and uses the acoustic properties of your room to create a set of custom correction filters. The result is a sound reproduction system that is perfectly matched and is restored to its target curve, just as it was when it left our lab. Now available is the DC-660-R, an in-ceiling speaker that integrate into any dARTS Theater system installations and is perfect for Dolby Atmos® theater configurations.

Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Possible Configurations Scalable from 5.1 to 9.2.4 or higher multi-channel systems
Total System Power 250 W x16 (500 W /speaker)
Subwoofer Power (Peak) 1500 W
Minimum SPL (8,000 sq.ft) 105 dB (THX Reference Level)
Dimensions (LCR's) 19.25″ H × 14.25” W × 3.9” D
Cutout Dimensions (Center) 18.125″ H × 13.25” W
Dimensions (Surrounds) 19.25″ H × 14.25” W × 3.9” D
Cutout Dimensions (Surrounds) 18.125″ H × 13.25” W
Dimensions (DCB 112 Subwoofer) 15.5″ H × 14.5” W × 15” D
Dimensions (DCB 210 Subwoofer) 28″ H × 14” W × 17” D
Optional Accessory Pre-Construction Bracket (AC-IW535-PCB)


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