dARTS 660 Series Freestanding

The 660 Freestanding series uses sleek, hand-crafted, highly polished cabinets for the front speakers, center channel speaker and subwoofer. Surrounds are available in a custom box design with painted black finish. A single-sub configuration will provide THX reference level SPL in a room up to 5,000 cubic feet; larger configurations will cover up to 18,000 cubic feet. Ask your dARTS Theater integrator for assistance in determining the proper configuration for your theater. Front speakers have a two-way design with a 1.125” soft dome tweeter and a 6.5” 3LC woofer in a tapered gloss black cabinet. The center speaker also has a tapered gloss black cabinet; it is designed to sit on a shelf underneath the TV or projection screen and has a 1.125” soft dome tweeter plus two 6.5” 3LC woofers. Surrounds each have two 1” soft dome tweeters and two 6.5” 3LC woofers in an angled cabinet. Subwoofers have either 12” or 15” poly/NBR drivers with passive radiator, and are housed in a gloss black cabinet.Now available is the DC-660-R, an in-ceiling speaker that integrate into any dARTS Theater system installations and is perfect for Dolby Atmos® theater configurations.


Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Possible Configurations Scalable from 5.1 to 9.2.4 or higher multi-channel systems
Total System Power 250 W x16 (500 W /speaker)
Subwoofer Power (Peak) 1500 W
Minimum SPL (18,000 sq.ft) 105 dB (THX Reference Level)
Dimensions (Mains) 13.6″ H × 7.9” W × 12.3” D
Dimensions (Center) 22″ H × 7.9” W × 12.3” D
Dimensions (Surrounds) 19.25″ H × 10.5” W × 5” D
Dimensions (DCB 112 Subwoofer) 15.5″ H × 14.5” W × 15” D
Dimensions (DCB 210 Subwoofer) 28″ H × 14” W × 17” D
Dimensions (DCB 115 Subwoofer) 19.5″ H × 15.25” W × 22.4” D
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