A more recent addition to the dARTS line-up, the Flyte system was designed to deliver the full dARTS sound and experience into any room or space desired, in attractive, thin enclosures. Media rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, boardrooms,  and offices – the Flyte system integrates into these spaces without disrupting the design or layout of the room in the process. Flyte speakers are available in black or white, and as in-wall or on-wall variations. Additional Flyte speakers, Atmos in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and amps may be added to expand  the system beyond the initial 5.1 configuration. The Flyte system includes five (5) DCB-Flyte or five (5) DIW-Flyte speakers, one (1) DCB-112 Sub, and one (1) DP40001A.

Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Possible Configurations Scalable from 5.1 to 9.2.4 or higher multi-channel systems
Tweeter 1.125" Soft Dome
Woofers (2) 5.25" Glass Fiber/Nomex Honeycomb/Glass Fiber
Minimum SPL (8,000 sq.ft) 105 dB (THX Reference Level)
Dimensions (On-Wall) 32″ H × 6” W × 4” D
Dimensions (In-Wall) 32″ H × 8” W × 3.9” D
Dimensions (DCB 112 Subwoofer) 15.5″ H × 14.5” W × 15” D